Hot Racing 2

Fun and entertaining RC racing game for PC and laptop computers

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    Racing games

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    Windows XP / Windows ME / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows 98

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    7.5 (45)

Hot Racing 2 is a free racing simulator that attempts to bring back the classic top view racing gameplay that was found in arcades many years ago. With 15 courses to choose from and an astounding 50 tournaments to participate in, players will find that Hot Racing 2 contains an excellent amount of re-playability for a free racing game. Additionally, specially designed challenges await the player, testing their true racing skill with distinct restrictions to see if they are indeed a master behind the wheel. Bonuses await along the tracks to help players finish both their challenges and the race.

Unlike many other racing games, controls are somewhat different with the over the top view. However, this also offers a different perspective on driving that many other racing simulators may not provide. During races, the music adds a bit of excitement to the game while sound effects make the player feel like they are at the racetrack. Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time for players to race through an Internet or LAN connection. If two players are at the same computer, though, they can race together on the same screen. Another disappointing point is that car customization is limited, most likely as a result of the overhead view where few changes would be visible.


  • Easy to get into. Controls are not difficult, and few choices block the player from jumping right into a race.
  • Different perspective. Top down racing has largely been replaced by first person view, so it is pleasant to see a game that differs from the norm.
  • Graphics. Rehashing a relatively old form of arcade game resulted in a rather decent looking race.


  • No online play. Without access to the internet, Hot Racing 2 might as well be single player.
  • Lack of customization. While the top down view offers a different aspect of racing, it does not mesh well with car personalization.

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